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Chicken Coop and Allotment

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Miss Quids has always liked hens so Mr Quids thought it would be a good idea to design a MOC incorporating not only a chicken coop (with lots of inspiration taken from hkimball‘s Chicken Coop and Garden) but ensuring all plants being grown are things Mr Quids and Miss Quids have grown in their garden.

In this design there are seven hens (most are outside in the enclosure but some are relaxing in the coop itself), a farmer lady, and a cat.
Notable features of the coop are the removable roof, door to access the eggs laid by the hens, a front door for the farmer, and smaller side doors for the hens to come in and go outside. A small ramp connects the coop to the enclosure.

Within the allotment, we have a strawberry plant, carrots, lettuce, and sunflowers (which we have grown), and an apple tree (as there is no pear component -- we do have two pear trees in our garden).
Inspiration for the apple tree from Tree-beard6‘s Apple Tree Design.

A butterfly on the toadstool, a frog hidden amongst the plants, and a red bird perched on top of the tree complete the fauna in this set.
There is also a bench underneath the tree with room for a mug of tea, and many flowers spread out over the design -- note that those flowers in the enclosure are a little worse for wear as the hens have been nibbling on them!
Also, a cheeky squirrel has hidden some nuts underneath the coop, a problem we‘ve often found in our own garden.

The farmer is complete with all the tools needed to do her work, including a wheelbarrow filled with carrots she‘s just harvested, a spade, bucket, basket and scissors. We‘ve substituted the basic minifig present in this design with cty1437 in the real model once built.