Installer Scripts:
Deluge Installer

Installs the latest version of Deluge Torrent downloader in Ubuntu

28 Mar 2015
VirtualBox Installer
23 Jun 2019
VirtualBox Guest Additions Installer

Simple Bash Script for installation of VirtualBox Guest Additions in an Ubuntu based system. This is a useful alternative method for when the standard driver installer fails.

28 Mar 2015
SysVinit Files:
CouchPotatoServer Init Script

Init script to run the Movie downloader CouchPotatoServer at Bootup Time. See How to Install & Configure CouchPotato for full install guide.

14 Jun 2014
SickBeard Init Script

Init script to run the TV PVR downloader SickBeard at Bootup Time. See How to Install & Configure SickBeard for full install guide.

12 Dec 2013
Deluge Torrent Downloader Init Script

Init script to run Deluge Daemon from the Deluge Torrent Downloader in headless mode at Bootup Time. Its ideal for turning a Raspberry Pi into a torrent server. See my video How to Setup Deluge Daemon on Headless Server for more info.

02 Dec 2013
Other Scripts:
Screen Capture with FFMpeg or AVConv

Easily create screencasts with either FFMpeg or AVConv. I sometimes use this script to capture gaming videos when GLC won't do the job.

13 Nov 2013
ShellShock Attack Code Sample

Code used in ShellShock Exploit to create a Backdoor Shell and then launch IPV6 Router Advertisement Attack against all Windows Hosts.

27 Sep 2014
Video Audio Merge

Script to use FFMpeg to replace the audio stream within a video, e.g. for when you have carried out editing of an Audio stream with Audacity and then want to merge it back with the original Video.

28 Nov 2017
Youtube-DL Fix Script

A script to resolve the issue where Audio and Video streams are now separate for HD videos on Youtube.
The script downloads a chosen Audio and Video file, combines them with FFMpeg, and then clears up the downloaded media files.

03 Nov 2013