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More Information

NoTrack provides a DNS server and a Web server. The DNS server responds with the IP of itself when your browser makes a request to a known tracking site.
Rather than sink-holing to nothing, which causes a small delay, the web server on NoTrack provides a 1 pixel image back to your browser.
This tricks your browser into thinking it has got what it requested. Satisfied, it then continues on with loading the rest of the page you actually requested.

I have included an installer script for use on Linux systems

Does NoTrack have to be used on a server?

No, you can use it on a desktop system.

Change your network settings to route DNS queries to (localhost)

Can I Install NoTrack on Windows?

No, I have only written NoTrack for Linux.
However, you could utilise my block list in a DNS server on Windows.

Right now the cheapest and easiest way to use NoTrack is on a Raspberry Pi, with Ubuntu Server.

Can I Install NoTrack in BSD?

In theory yes, however the Installer script has not been written for use in BSD.

NoTrack requires Dnsmasq, PHP, and a webserver e.g. Nginx, Lighttpd or Apache

What size network can I run with NoTrack?

A Raspberry Pi Model 3 will easily cope with the demands of a home network. I have tested a Pi Model 3 with 18 computers on my network, and it coped perfectly fine and didn't cause any delay.

A more powerful server will certainly be able to cope with the demands of a medium sized business.

What about ad-blockers?

The problem with ad-blockers is that they only block the adverts visible on screen, and for what they are trying to achieve its fine.
But trackers are not visible, and as a result very little work has been made to block such activity.